Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo Series Bangkok Marble Temple

After seeing the Grand Palace we were tired but decided to keep chugging and make the most of te remainder of the afternoon before retreating to our air-conditioned hotel. So we got into a daredevil tuk tuk and headed to the Marble Temple. When I say daredevil I mean we were on the edge of the wheels a few times, we were weaving between cars in spaces I thought only a bike could clear and we were definitely running reds.
We also got cheated and dragged to a few shops before they finally gave up and brought us to the Marble Temple, as previously agreed.
Although it was frustrating, the temple was worth at least some trouble. It was under construction, but it is in a very nice walled-in oasis with a stream and a monastery, and it was a peaceful end to a long day. Of course, just because the day was over didn't mean we were going to sleep...
(I was out of batteries by this point in the day, so these are Eric Tung's photos.)

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