Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're bringing Dragon Back.... sorry

Went hiking today - there are trails all around Hong Kong (even on HK island), and it seems we're going to end up hitting most of them since we have plans to hike again next week. It is so amazing that these pics were taken not more than 30 minutes MTR (subway) ride from my apt which, as I've mentioned, is in the busiest part of HK.
This trail is called Dragon Back because it goes up and down like the ridges on a dragon's back. The view was great and the weather was amazing today (20C), but there is always this haze on top of the city, which you can see in the pics. I guess it's pollution... but my throat feels fine (perhaps that's not saying much...).
A second trail took us to Big Wave Bay (I think that's the name), which was a tiny beach town. Tiny, like if anyone lives there they only have about 20 neighbors. Against a hill/mountain, so the streets were skinny slopes or stairwells.
Now it's off to Ladies' Night at the Peninsula Hotel, HK's nicest hotel - what a change of scene.

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  1. I studied at HKUST too! Have you had a chance to grab a late night soup dinner at the Seafront Cafe in New Hall? Delish!