Saturday, February 7, 2009

The bad thing about a blog...

... Is that when you fall behind even by just one day you feel like the unforgiving burden of Atlas is weighing upon you. So I'm going bullet points for the last 2 days, although I'm sure my bullet points will end up like short novellas since I am incapable of verbal brevity (e.g. this sentence).
  1. Friday tried to do homework in bed - this doesn't work in the states, but I thought maybe here it would be different.
  2. Went for dinner in Wan Chai at 369 Shanghai on O'Brien Road, very good!
  3. Walked down some big street with lots of strip clubs with hookers sitting outside hawking themselves.
  4. Went to a school party - $140HKD for open bar ($200HKD for guys) - with other MBAs. It took so long to get drinks and then one of the frenzied bartenders dropped and broke a bottle in the ice bucket, so Patrick negotiated with the manager and got our money back. Two free drinks!
  5. Met Steph and Emily and Christie's friend from college to go to Prive (Christie's friend is a member). Danced to hip hop till 2am.
  6. FINALLY tried the rice rolls (burritos/fat sushi) everyone sells on my street, turns out the inside is like a codfish/green onion fritter of some sort - so DELICIOUS I'm sad I've missed a whole week of eating them.
  7. Dragged my ass out of bed Sat at 7:30am for class.
  8. My Managerial Decision Making and Leadership teacher (Caroline Wang) is the CMO for IBM Asia-Pacific and is a tiny, meticulously put-together Chinese woman. She speaks in parables and I like it.
  9. Booked Xi'an trip with Jodee - now the floodgates are REALLY open; next up, Philippines, Guilin, Shanghai and Taiwan.
  10. School-sponsored lunch to celebrate ranking 16th in global MBA programs was DELICIOUS. Duck, two kinds of roast pork, dim sum, red bean-filled sesame balls... wish Kovler Cafe events were as good.
  11. Jury is still out on my Foundations of E-Commerce class. As Federico said, in is inimitable Argentinian accent: "the readings are good, but that was painful."
  12. Discovered, which sends you a free download every day and lets you search their archives. Downloaded Mstrkrft, Santogold, From Monument to Masses (VERY pleasant surprise!) and Lafayette Afro Rock Band among others.
  13. Realized that I don't think I really know how to use Lexis-Nexus.
  14. Was supposed to meet exchange group at Azure in the LKF hotel but ended up bumping into them on Wyndham Street and congregating in front of 7-11 ("Club Seven," according to Dunn) drinking some highly-alcoholic beer called 33. Definitely never seen it, probably not FDA-approved.
  15. Went to Solas again - totally empty, but was having good conversations so pretty much ended up staying there all night.
  16. Ate late-night Malaysian in LKF, on the street just below the one facing Haagen Dazs. Delicious prawns on sizzling friend noodles, like my fave pan-fried dish from Ollie's but with sweet & sour prawns on top.
  17. Skyped for an hour with David before passing out.
  18. Woke up an hour ago, groggy, full, and totally unmotivated to write up my cases for tomorrow. Also remembering I couldn't understand the current affairs article about Chinese bank lending I found yesterday, so now will have to get back on Lexis-Nexus and be frustrated.

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  1. No waaaay! Can't believe I missed Prive! It's o my list of 'must do' before I leave HK!
    On another note, totally impressed you made class the next morning! woah!