Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh yes they can

The undergraduates at my school are in the midst of some sort of election and they are going so all out in the pursuit of votes. It's hard to tell from this pic, but they have completely covered the huge entrance atrium as well as the outside roundabout in what can only be called a circus. There are flags, there are booths, there are costumes, there is chanting and clapping and shouting...
One team constructed a huge Connect Four game that you slid metallic circles the size of bowling balls into.
Another was passing out curry fish cake balls on a stick (popular snack here - quite tasty).
Another team was dressed as a green army - jumpsuits, plastic guns, helmets... the works! - and was doing drills all morning.
Another team was warming up for some pop-and-locking, but unfortunately I had to run to class.
Two other teams were participating in what I think was a stomp-off of sorts? Lots of yelling and stamping their feet at each other.
There must be something other than just school spirit at stake, because this is very excessive...

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