Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo Series Bangkok Bed Supper Club

After cleaning up we went to dinner at a place suggested by our taxi driver (why??) that was not a good idea, got bitten by a million mosquitos, then went out to what Denise had read on the internet was the HOTTEST club in Bangkok on Tuesday nights. And it was pretty great. The music was hip hop all night long, from 1990 on.
The male portion of the crowd was mostly western, while the girls were mostly asian. It didn't seem like they were all prostitutes (which is what I had been told about all Bangkok clubs), but I did hear one girl tell her friend in the bathroom: "The cops are here, let's get out."
The funny thing is, food in Bangkok was around $1US most places, a 40-minute cab ride was only around $5US, and yet the cover for this club was $20US and drinks were over $15US. It seems a club is a club no matter where you are.
When we left we realized there was another room that had house music - so we went in there for a minute to embarrass ourselves before finally going home. Luckily the major clubs in Bangkok close at 2pm, so we were kind of saved from ourselves.
(This is Denise Odaro's photo.)

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