Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Another great thing about HKUST is that they do so much for their exchange students! (It must have something to do with the fact that we make up about 15% of their student body.)
Monday after class the dean of the business school, Steve DeKrey, invited us to his apartment for a cocktail party before the welcome extravaganza the school had organized for us. Those amazing harbor views are from his balcony.
The extravaganza was a quasi-Chinese New Year, quasi-Lantern Festival celebration, so the silver lion danced (quite coyly, I might add), the undergrads did a martial arts exhibition (with types of cutlery I have never seen before), we answered riddles that were pasted around the wall (normally they hang from lanterns), and they overfed us (again with delicious, dining hall food - I know, normally that's an oxymoron).
I don't remember any of the riddles now (I was a few glasses of wine in by the time we were doing them), but we should be getting them back with the answers and the de-riddling winner, so I will post them then. They were tough - but Denise and I were the clear winners, so I'm just waiting to see what our prize is.

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